What has been a tough year having this awful virus causing mayhem across the world, there is now finally light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine now in place. Although there are still tough some times ahead its finally looking like the virus will be under firm control as more and more people receive the vaccine, what an amazing achievement this is.

We recognise that the safety of our customers is extremely important to us and is firmly at the forefront of our philosophy. We ensure extra care is taken every time our campers are hired out, ensuring we have measures in place keeping you safe. Our campers are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before each and every hire. As we head into 2021 many of us will be starting to think about our summer holiday, we want to give you that peace of mind knowing when you hire one of our campers you and your family are safe.

With this in mind, we include within the camper complimentary hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial cleaner as part of the inventory so you have everything you need ensuring a hassle free experience giving you the time to enjoy your holiday.

As we enter 2021 it is expected to be a busy year as many of us will be itching to get away as the coronavirus restrictions are lifted in the weeks to come. With this in mind Moonlight Campers are now taking bookings with safety in mind, please Contact Us Today for availability