Less People

There is no doubt that our holidays will look different this year and that campsites will have to limit numbers in order to ensure greater spacing. This is likely to mean that you will need to book in advance rather than turning up and hoping so you will need to be organised this year! The greater space will help to maintain social distancing and thus increase your peace of mind. It could also mean that camping in 2020 might be perfect for those who struggle with places that get too “peopley”. The spacious campsites in England have many large pitches, thus allowing plenty of space between campers, tents, caravaners and benefits from being out in the great outdoors. Similarly, campers can enjoy friends and family time spreading out with ease.


You will be safe within your own family bubble whether in a tent, caravan or campervanning. Plus, the beauty of campsites is that most have their own grounds and facilities. This means campers don’t have to worry about crowding local beauty spots, finding a car parking space and figuring out where to buy food. For example, the New Forest, benefits from acres of beautiful woodland ready for exploration. You can easily return to your pitch for a BBQ cooked feast, or a meal prepared inside your campervan given that you have full cooking facilities as well a cosy living space.

Gearing Up

Well, many camping, campervans and caravan sites have started to gear up for a 4th July re-opening and have thought long and hard about the measures necessary. Luckily camping, in all its guises, lends itself quite nicely to natural social distancing.

Many re-opening campsites will require advanced booking as they need to limit numbers and thus help with social distancing and sharing of facilities. There are some camping sites that have plenty of space for ease of distancing between pitches such as the spacious coastlines of Cornwall . Many campsites have also installed extra hand sanitising points looking to ensure all of your family and friends are safe.

Several campsites have closed some or all of their facilities meaning that campers need to bring their own. We at Moonlight campers have all this in hand with our practical additional extras meaning you have peace of mind.

Some campsites across England have even invested in activated oxygen fogger machines for sanitizing their facilities – this effective and natural product kills 99.99% of pathogens present in under 30 seconds!

Are You holding Back?

Some holiday makers may well want to hold back from booking until there is more certainty as they don’t want to risk losing out financially. It is worth checking out with your preferred campsite what their policy is as the vast majority of sites are keen to look after customers.

Some sites are allowing provisional bookings to help with flexibility and peace of mind in case of a change to government guidance which looks unlikely given the positive downward trends in daily cases. Similarly, many campsites across England are taking bookings arriving from the 4th July but will happily change your booking to another date within 12 months of your arrival date. A huge number of campsites offer refunds for Covid-related issues and have developed a new tools in their websites booking system allowing you to move your booking if necessary, giving you total flexibility.

It is really important to support this industry in 2020. Many campsites have invested heavily over the winter season to improve facilities but have already missed half of their peak season and thus income will be massively down. Re-opening campsites have put measures in place to ensure our safety that will inevitably incur more costs. This, along with a reduction on number of people expected mean that the second half of the season will not put them close to recouping lost income. The vast majority of these lovely sites are family-run small businesses, not huge corporations and if we want to go camping in the years to come, we need to make sure there is an industry to come back to.

If in doubt, postpone, don’t cancel.